Rhode Island School of Design, RISD > Providence, RI > 2016

Master of Fine Arts, Ceramics

Maine College of Art, MeCA > Portland, ME > 2001

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ceramics


Bennington College > Bennington, VT > Present

Technical Instructor

Contemporary Ceramic Processes > 2020 > An overview of the techniques and materials common to a modern ceramic studio. Methodologies and medium explored were wheel throwing, mold making and slip casting, slab building, extrusion, 3D printing (with guest instructor), material science, electric and gas kiln firing, and mixed media. Each mode or material was investigated in detail including defining its parameters, variations, historical context, a demonstration by the instructor (in the case of digital technology: a virtual visiting artist), and the examination of its use in a contemporary ceramic context. Students were asked either to perform each ceramic process or to research a contemporary artist who utilizes the procedure in their practice and relate that to their own work which culminated in a self-directed final project of their own design.

Kiln Firing: The Art and the Science > 2020 > This course was intended to be hands on and in person but had to be taught remotely three weeks in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kiln Firing students explored the science and art of firing a kiln by viewing the operation of electric kilns, then gas kilns (both oxidation and reduction, manual and automatic) through recorded video produced by work study students and myself. Bisque firing, cone 04, 6, and 10, basic maintenance and repair, loading and unloading bisque and glaze firings, and cristobalite formation and quartz inversion were also investigated. This course was largely self-directed, building upon a foundation of knowledge from each student’s specific interests.

The Glaze Renovation Project > 2019 > The new glaze palette developed in the spring of 2019 in “Glaze-Redesigning the Ceramic Studio’s Glazes” was tested and cataloged. The new cone 04 and 10 glazes were layered over one another as well as with the studio’s slips and washes creating a comprehensive reference for use by all the proceeding ceramics classes to aid in surface selection. The results were recorded both physically with a series of test tile palettes displayed in the glaze lab and digitally. Cone 10 glazes were tested in the various atmospheric conditions including oxidation, reduction, salt, soda, and wood and recorded with the test tile palettes.

Material Science > 2019 > Students explored the science of glaze chemistry developing an understanding of the major components of a glaze and establishing the ability to create original glazes designed to fulfill predetermined traits. Some of the subjects explored: color development, surface, glazes designed for the three major firing temperatures, the effects of firing on glaze outcomes, correcting glaze faults, and exploring clay bodies. These objectives were facilitated through testing, line blends, triaxial blends, and shrinkage tests.

Rhode Island School of Design > Providence, RI > 2017


Courses taught: Advanced Pottery & Ceramic Production, 2017; Explorations in Casting: Ceramics, Glass, And Metal, 2017 (support instructor); Advanced Individual Projects in Ceramics, 2017 (collaborative instructor).

Worcester Center for Crafts > Worcester, MA > 2016 & 2017

Artist in Residence > Instructed and developed curricula for ceramics classes (including Ceramic Sculpture; Hand Building, Self-Directed Clay, and Mold Making and Slip Casting) within a community craft studio setting. Maintained studio and equipment, created body of work, and participated in a group exhibition.

Sawmill Pottery > Putnam, CT > 2017

Instructor, Studio Assistant > Lead or support instructor for individuals or small groups from child to adult, teaching beginning through intermediate ceramics both wheel throwing and hand building, facilitated daily operations of community studio and gallery.

Albion College > Albion, MI > 2016

Artist in Residence > Visiting Artist working alongside students in an open studio setting. Presented process demonstrations, artist’s talk, and solo exhibition of proposed body of work.

Arch Contemporary Ceramics > Tiverton, RI > 2016

Artist in Residence > Taught and developed curriculum for Intermediate Wheel Throwing to Continuing Education students through demonstrations, one-on-one and small group instruction, and critique. Maintained studio. Created body of work which was presented in a solo exhibition.

Rhode Island School of Design > Providence, RI > 2015 & 2016


> Pottery, 2016 > Lead instructor of a three-credit intensive course during the five-week Winter Session. Taught and developed curricula for all levels of undergraduate and graduate student of any major using demonstration, individual and group instruction, lecture, slide presentation, and various forms of critique. Prepared syllabus, lesson plans, assignments, materials, presentations, and lectures, fired kilns, and evaluated students.  

> Beginning Wheel Throwing, 2015 > Support instructor of a three-credit intensive course during the five week Winter Session. Assisted with course curriculum, performed demonstrations, provided individual and small group instruction and assisted with critiques, presentations, and syllabus writing. Prepared materials and fired kilns.

Rhode Island School of Design > Providence, RI > 2014-2016

Teacher’s Assistant

> Tableware, spring 2016, Asya Palatova > Performed demonstrations, assisted in

various forms of critique and presentation, prepared materials, fired kilns.

> Object as Idea, fall 2015 and Ceramics for Design, spring 2015, David Katz > Assisted in varied forms of critique and presentation, prepared materials, fired kilns.

> Slip Cast Ceramic Object, fall 2014, Frank Bosco > Performed silkscreen demonstration, assisted in varied forms of critique and presentation, prepared materials, fired kilns, and assisted with classroom operation and demonstrations.

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts > Deer Isle, ME > 2014 & 2015

Technical Assistant

> Alleghany Meadows, 2015 and Peter Beasecker, 2014  > Assisted with demonstrations and instruction, coordinated and maintained studio operations, presented artist’s talk and work in a group exhibition, fired kilns, and mixed glazes.

Medalta, Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics >

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada > 2013 – 2014

International Artist’s Residency > Beginning Wheel Throwing > Taught and created curriculum for Wheel Throwing to continuing education students utilizing demonstrations, one-on-one and small group instruction, and critique, and fired kilns. Created own body of work for solo exhibition, participated in community outreach, and helped maintain studio.

North Adams College of Liberal Arts > North Adams, MA > 1996-1998

Teacher’s Assistant > Ceramics 1-3, Mary Moore > Assisted in instructing, demonstrations, and firing student work.


Bennington College > Bennington > VT > 2022 – Current

Staff Council > Joined staff council in October of 2022. The staff council is a group of staff members employed at Bennington College that is interested primarily in creating better working conditions for their peers and the other members of college community in the shared governance model suggested by the New England Commission of Higher Education. This group formed at the beginning of the Fall 2022 term. Served on the Joint Working Group for Addressing Toxic Work Environment with other members of the staff council, members of the president’s cabinet, and faculty members.

Clay Art Center > Port Chester > NY > 2017 – 2018

Studio Manger > Maintained and improved building and facilities including numerous gas and electric kilns and other ceramic equipment. Oversaw artists in residents and interns. Facilitated large artist community and classes. Worked closely with Community Arts and Programming Directors under the oversight of the Executive Director. Inventoried, evaluated, and ordered supplies and equipment. Hired outside contractors.

Rhode Island School of Design > Providence > RI > 2017

Interim Ceramics Technician > Repaired and maintained facilities and equipment including overseeing work study students, supported graduate and undergraduate students and precollege classes, ordered materials, equipment, and work orders, rebuilt wall and arch for downdraft gas kiln, replaced electric kiln elements, and tested glazes for department head.

Gleena > Pawtucket, RI > 2015 – 2016

Mold Maker

Rhode Island School of Design > Providence, RI > 2015 & 2016

Raw Materials Stockperson                      

                              Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts > Newcastle, ME > 2013

Residency Assistantship > Patti Warashina, Carol Gouthro, and Peter Olsen.

                              The Arts Center of the Capital Region > Troy, NY > 2013

Artist’s Workshop > Artist’s talk, demonstration, and exhibition.

Georgetown Pottery > Georgetown, ME & Salmon Falls Stoneware > Dover, NH > 2001 & 2002-2003, Production Potter


Solo Exhibitions>

Dystopia Refined,” 2016, Albion College, Albion, MI.

Rejuvenate,” 2016, Arch Contemporary Ceramics, Tiverton, RI.

Convergence,” 2014, Yuill Family Gallery, Medalta, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

Nature Mechanized,” 2012, the Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY.

Joshua Primmer, Recent Works,” 2007, Bennington Museum, Bennington, VT.

Group Exhibitions>

“RISD Faculty Exhibition,” 2018, Museum, Rhode Island School of Design/Chase Center, Providence, RI.

“Nexus,” 2017, Krikorian Gallery, Worcester, MA.

“College Collective,” 2017, Flower City Arts Center, Rochester, NY.

Functional Relationships,” 2017, New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art,

New Harmony, IN.

Ceramic Innovations,” 2017, Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA.

Sip; A Ceramic Cup Show,” 2017, Savannah Clay Community, Savannah, GA.

Flux: RISD Ceramics Triennial,” 2017, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI.

RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition,” 2016, Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI.

Expanded Field: Traversing the Archeology of Gender,” 2015, Gelman Gallery, Providence, RI.

Of Earth,” 2015, Anchor Providence Gallery, Providence, RI.

Arc: Works by David Hurwitz and Joshua Primmer,” 2014, Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center, Burlington, VT.

South East By South East,” 2013, Yuill Family Gallery, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

Seventh Annual Simple Cup Show,” 2013, Kobo, Seattle, WA.

Art Quilts by Jeanne Marklin and Sculptural and Functional Ceramics by Josh Primmer,” 2013, Bennington Arts Guild, Bennington, VT.

Dualities: Works by Ed Carson and Joshua Primmer,” 2012, NAACO Gallery, N. Adams, MA.                                                                  

Objects and Atmospheres,” 2010, Limestone Gallery, Fayetteville, NY.

State of Craft,” 2010, Bennington Museum, Bennington, VT.

Memphis/Germantown Art League National Exhibition,” 2009, Germantown Performing Art Center, Germantown, TN.

The Next Generation II,” 2001, Center for Maine Contemporary Artists, Rockport, ME.

Clay…Form and Fire,” 2000, Montgomery Memorial Gallery, Portland, ME.


CraftBoston > 2017 > Mentor Program, Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA.

Brooks Fund > 2017 > Casting Concrete, with Jake Weigel workshop scholarship, Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO.

Windgate Scholarship > 2014-2015 > Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI.

IKEA Scholarship (Cooking, Eating, and Designing) > 2015 > Sigga Heimis + IKEA, Domaine de Boisbuchet, Lessac, France.

The Artist’s Resource Trust > 2013 > Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Sheffield, MA.

Artists’ Development Grant > 2010 & 2013 > Vermont Arts Council, Montpelier, VT.

Honorable Mention > 2009 > Memphis/Germantown Art League National Exhibition, Germantown Performing Art Center, Germantown, TN.


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